Kali Waterfall

The exotic waterfall “Kali”

For those who loves hiking and jungle, here is one of the best spot for you to visit in North Sulawesi – Indonesia, yes this is waterfall called “Kali” and this place is just like in the fairy tail.

Kali waterfall

Kali waterfall is one of the best waterfall formed by nature and surrounded with excotic plants that grows along  the path, to arrive at Kali waterfall is quite challenging as you have to go through the hillside which is quite tiring but also satisfying when you able to be arrive at Kali waterfall.

Once you arrived at Kali waterfall, all your fatigue and sweat will be paid off  with the typical welcome of the waterfall, which is mist against the background of the sound of water that falling from a 60 meters height.

The clean water and the refreshing air will making you just want to go jump and swimming rigthaway, yes this place is gonna makes you forget about the city noises and you just want to life in nature.


For those of you who want to go at Kali waterfall,  the gate is about 30 minutes from the city of Manado using a vehicle, located in Kali Village in Pineleng District in Minahasa Regency, see the google map above.

Finally, don’t forget to add North Sulawesi in your holiday lists and found  the new travel spots in our website, happy travelling.

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