Siladen Island

Charming Siladen

The beauty starts with the white sand that stretches over this island in contrast with the color of the sea that will catches the eye’s, but what makes this island is so special is because this island has the most beautiful underwater scenery.

Siladen beach

Located in east of Bunaken island you can reach Siladen island approximately 45 minutes using a boat from Manado city, from the beach till the underwater this island has many things to offer you a great and relaxing holiday.

Siladen island has lots to offers you, from the scenery to the water activities such as : diving, snorkelling, swimming, underwater photography even just lay down at the beach and enjoying the sun.

This island is so calm with not many activities in Siladen island and the only vehicle noise you will hear is the sound of boat from distance which will just making you more relax.

That is also can be another reason for you to visiting Siladen island in Manado city at the province of North Sulawesi-Indonesia.


Add Siladen island in your list for next trip and experience a great holiday in the island of paradise.

See the location of Siladen from the google map above.

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